What are our patients saying?

My life is totally different now that I don’t have to wear glasses.

While playing sports and working, they were always in my way. No more dirty, foggy glasses and I can go swimming without fear of losing them.

I don’t have to squint anymore and my headaches are gone.

I could see results right from the very next day after my surgery. After the freezing wore off, I had minimal irritation for a couple of days. I didn’t even need to take a Tylenol.

Aqua i Laser has friendly, helpful staff – they explained the procedure to me and took very good care of me. I would recommend Dr. Gdih and his staff to everyone. I could tell he really cared about me personally and the results show through my new vision – 20/20!

Thank you Aqua i Laser!


On March 22/17 I stepped into the Aqua I Laser, the newest, state of the art clinic and had laser surgery on both of my eyes, performed by Dr. Gdih. The facility is gorgeous and the staff are very kind, supportive and knowledgeable!

I had prior consults at two other reputable laser clinics before I decided that the new flapless, touchless procedure was for me.

Dr. Gdih is a perfectionist with an amazing bedside manner! He even gave me his cell number and told me I could contact him 24/7. The actual procedure was painless and only took one minute per eye. it was done without sedation and they allowed my Mom in the room.

He fitted me with contacts to protect my corneas and assist with the healing. I wore them for the first five days. I was very closely followed for the next few days/weeks My eyes did feel tender and dry for the first couple of days but the eye drops with freezing really helped! Also my vision was blurry for a few days and sensitive to light. I wore sun glasses and had the lights low. Don’t be intimidated, these are all normal after effects of the surgery and small inconveniences for the gift of sight!! Plus, the staff did prepare me for that at the consultation appointment.

I took a week off work to recuperate. My vision continues to improve even today. If you want freedom from glasses I would highly recommend this new procedure at Aqua I Laser!

Mallory B, Winnipeg MB

After doing my research on eye laser equipment and procedures and speaking with Henderson Vision Centre I contacted Aqua i Laser to arrange for a consultation to correct my nearsightedness.

From the first phone call with Susie to meeting with the Optometrist, Dr. Kamila Duplak and Theresa my experience was a positive one.

The staff was helpful, knowledgeable, personable and very patient in answering my many questions.

A couple of weeks later I was scheduled for eye surgery with Dr.Gdih. He explained the procedure beforehand and assured me of his confidence in the Schwind equipment. He and Theresa spoke to me throughout the surgery to assure I was doing ok.

Kristina Alcock, Director of Operations provided me with all relevant information and went over the specific details of the post surgery instructions. I have followed her specific instructions daily and made sure to attend the follow up appointments with Dr. Duplak. A few weeks later I find my eyes are adjusting very well and life is returning back to normal. I am very thrilled not to have to wear my contact lenses or glasses for distance anymore.

I have recommended Aqua i Laser to family, friends and clients.

Wendy, Winnipeg MB

From the initial consultation to the overall procedure, it was a great experience.

The minute you walk in the door, you are greeted by professional, courteous, knowledgeable staff.

I would highly recommend Aqua I to my friends & colleagues.


I am thoroughly enjoying the freedom from glasses that Aqua I laser surgery has given me.

In all my outdoor activities, I am amazed at the clarity and definition.

My kids say I look younger, thank you Aqua I Laser!


The Misericordia Hospital referred me to Dr. Gdih to follow up on the corneal abrasions I suffered from extended contact lens use. At the end of my initial appointment with Dr. Gdih, he suggested that I think about eye laser surgery once the corneal abrasions had healed. It was ironic that Dr. Gdih suggest this as I had been doing some research on eye laser surgery and, in fact, had already contacted one of the reputable clinics in Winnipeg. I had thought about eye laser surgery several times in the last 10 years but was nervous about the procedure. When Dr. Gdih mentioned that the procedure he performs is flapless and touchless, I became very hopeful and excited.

I had my initial consultation at Aqua I Laser clinic on May 9, 2017 and proceeded to have the surgery on May 24, 2017. The staff at the clinic are fantastic. They make you feel at ease and genuinely care about their patients. The procedure as well as the post-op instructions were thoroughly explained. Personal cell numbers were given out in the event of an emergency and a follow up appointment was scheduled for the next day.

My recovery was painless. I experienced discomfort and blurry vison – all normal after effects of the surgery. I missed 3 full days of work. As my job requires me to spend several hours a day in front of a computer, I gradually returned to full-time over a 3-day period.

My overall experience has been excellent. As such, I have no qualms in recommending Aqua I Laser to the friends and co-workers that have asked about my eye laser surgery experience.