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Why choose Aqua i Laser?

No Touch, No Cut, Advanced Treatment

  • Treats Visual acuity at all Distances
  • Shortens treatment time
  • Minimizes risk of corneal dehydration
  • Used to treat haze, scarred corneal tissue and Keratoconus
  • No additional weakening of the cornea
  • Safest corrective laser eye surgery available today
  • Trans PRK saves more corneal tissue then traditional Lasik Surgery and no flap complications.
  • Our Medical Professionals

“…My vision continues to improve even today. If you want freedom from glasses I would highly recommend this new procedure at Aqua I Laser!” 
Mallory B

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Winnipeg Local Surgeons

Dr. Gdih, Dr. van der Zweep and Dr. Brodovsky

Optometrist on Staff

Dr. Kamila Duplak


Trans PRK vs Lasik eye surgery

Measurement’s are taken of your eyes during your initial free consultation.

The measurements taken with the wavefront analyzer are used to guide the laser to perform your treatment.

Trans PRK does not alter the wavefront pattern measurements as it is applied directly to the eye.

With Lasik, a flap is cut and lifted. The cornea is altered but can not be measured during surgery. This can affect the visual outcome.

Our surgeons choose Trans PRK due to the accuracy and safety of the procedure.